Read what says about his artistic work, already presented on our tumblr artist from Australia - Loui Jover

My favorite materials to work with are ink and paper, I realize the question is specific about ‘material’ as in one but i see these two for me linked in a ying yang embrace so I count them as one entity. I like paper that does not necessarily come from an art shop, i appreciate found papers that have foxing or an aged character or old book pages from ruined books (i never damage a book that is in good condition i am a bibliophile and such an action would be anathema to me) I glue these together and make larger sheets to draw on. If art media and materials were an organic beast then i believe ‘ink’ would be its life blood. I could easily spend my entire life learning about the methods and diversity of this amazing liquid. I like it in its rawest form having to dip my implement such as a brush or nib pen into it and using it as thus. The brush loaded with ink offers a sensual rich dripping line while the pen a nervy fragile delicate one. Pure Indian ink and Sumi ink are my favorites.